Animation Production

Little Studio produce Photo-Realistic, 3D perspective images and animations for use as a pre-visualisation tool for many applications including Architectural visualisation, Interior design, Product design, Landscape design, Urban planning, Film & television and more...

AIB AnimationWe create your design concept in a form of "3D virtual reality" on the computer, using your sketches, artwork or architects plans for reference. These animations for video, CD-Rom or DVD then use a fly-around visualisation of your model from a birds eye view and provide you with a virtual walk-through of your project.

Why use 3D Animation?

Graphic animations, when used in video presentations, are an effective way of grabbing an audience's attention and communicating simple or complex information and ideas. At Little Studio we can create full motion animations for video that can be as simple as objects moving across the screen to complex as 3D renderings that simulate new environments. We can also produce custom animated graphics which can be embedded into web pages, presentations, multimedia packages, on CD-ROM/DVD's, or virtually any other digital medium.

Leitrum AnimationCustom-created entirely in-house, full motion animations can help train employees or demonstrate difficult processes or equipment for instance. Digital animations can add interest and help make corporate video presentations more interesting and compelling. With 3D animations, complicated concepts or ideas, which cannot easily be represented in words or illustrations, can be enhanced, demonstrated, and even viewed from different angles.

Contact Little Studio today and let us combine custom animations with still images, video clips, text, overlays, and a wide range of special effects to create an eye-catching video animations that compel your target audiences.

For a more detailed explanation of all of our 3D Animation services please visit our services page or simply take a look at our animation portfolio to see what makes our concepts standout!